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STRANDZ has produced a child protection policy that the Diocese of Waikato and Taranaki has adopted in full. 

royal commission: Abuse in care

Are you a survivor of abuse in State or faith-based care? Sharing your experience could make a difference to people in care in the future. Phone 0800 222 727 to find out more.


The safety of all people - but particularly the vulnerable - is enormously important to the Diocese of Waikato & Taranaki. For this reason we are active members of the SafeHere organisation. This membership gives us access to a robust safety management system that helps us manage appointments, training, and events. SafeHere is endorsed for use throughout our Anglican Province of Aotearoa, New Zealand.  

SafeHere equips us with policies, forms, and training that safeguard our leaders and those in their care. To better understand what SafeHere has to offer please visit their website.

The following templates are available on request.

Daily Attendance Record 18+Medical & Personal Information Template Child Registration
Drivers Declaration U18 Medical & Personal Information Defusing the critical incident training
First-Aider-In-Charge Job Description Family Medical & Personal Information Activity Information
Team Member Sample Role Statement Defusing the Critical Incident - Manual Activity Checklist
Sample Referee Questionnaire Safe Food Handling General Safety and Care Checklist
Travel Plan Sample Participant Information Application for Permission to Proceed
Driver and Vehicle registration summary Sample Team Member Information Safety Information
Incident Report Template Program Registration Process Swimming Checklist

supervision & Spiritual direction

Supervision and Spiritual are different and complementary - so one is never a substitute for the other. The Anglican Church takes both disciplines very seriously advocating them as essential to developing and maintaining safe and professional practice. It is critical that people working in ministry intentionally work on self-reflection, wrestle with theological challenges, and seek perspective on their practice and experience of ministry. All of this contributes to making our communities safer and encourages accountability.

boundaries & behaviour

Scripture proclaims: "You shall be holy, for I the Lord your God am holy" (Lev 19.2). In all that we do as Christians we aspire to the example that Jesus Christ has set for us. At times this can be extremely challenging. To help licence holders navigate the demands of pastoral ministry the Diocese advocates familiarity with Title D and provides training. The next training will be held in 2016. Two course will be made available: one introductory and one advanced. 

Download Title D

standing against violence and abuse

The Anglican Church is called to be a strong and consistent advocate for preventing violence against all people but particularly women and children. It is crucial that we are sensitive to the needs of all vulnerable people; promote healthy relationships; and provide a safe and supportive environment for those affected by abuse.

In the Diocese of Waikato and Taranaki both the Bishop's Action Foundation and Anglican Action are working hard to educate our communities and promote strategies to respond to and overcome violence and abuse. In addition we encourage you to consider the work of such organisations as White Ribbon Campaign.‚Äč

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